Vision Resource Centre - Calgary

The Vision Resource Centre – The short-term programs offered through the Vision Resource Centre – Calgary include various components of the Expanded Core Curriculum as outlined in Alberta Education’s Essential Components of Educational Programming for Students who are Blind or Visually Impaired. 

These short-term programs are offered to students throughout Alberta and provide support in the development of disability-specific skills in the following areas.

  • Compensatory or Functional Academic Skills 
  • Orientation and Mobility 
  • Social Interaction Skills
  • Independent Living Skills and Personal Management Skills 
  • Recreation and Leisure Skills
  • Career and Life Management Skills 
  • Assistive Technology Skills, and 
  • Visual Efficiency Skills 

Each short-term program has a detailed curriculum designed to provide the students with disability-specific skills that support their core instructional program and inclusion in their community school program. 

The Vision Resource Centre – Calgary also provides professional development to personnel who are involved in the education of students who are blind of visually impaired and deafblind.  Program offerings also reflect the needs of parents in learning about the disability-specific needs of their children and planning for their successful transition to adulthood. 


Vision Resource Centre - Calgary
Captain John Palliser School
1484 Northmount Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta T2L 0G6
Phone: 403-777-7964
Fax: 403-777-7967 

Contact Person

Angela Leavens
Vision Specialist, Learning Services
Calgary Board of Education
Phone: 403-817-7621