Community Program in Lethbridge

Excitement builds as a group of students begin to gather for another community program. Greetings ring out as friends meet each other. Once all the students have gathered together, we read a book together. So far our favourite is Going on a Bear Hunt. We love to add actions and sound effects to make the story more suspenseful. For some of us the art activities based on the book provide us an opportunity to develop our leadership skills.

It is always exciting to hear what we will make for a snack. Is it pudding, jello fluff or worms and dirt dessert? We all help so that our snack is a great success. At lunch we know that we will be making a sandwich, pouring some juice and of course eating it. We are getting a lot better at spreading the butter and getting all the parts and pieces to stay between the slices of bread. It can still be a bit challenging to cut our sandwich just the way we want the pieces to look. If we are still hungry, we can make another sandwich or maybe cut a few slices of cucumber. Lunch time is a great time to socialize. We always learn a lot about each other. Imagine finding out that one of our teachers (Mrs. Fender) has the same last name as the principal (Mr. Fender) in another student's school. How can that be? We have a mystery to solve.

After lunch we need to get ready to use the Lethbridge transit system. Some of us will use Access-A-Ride while others need to walk several blocks in order to get on the transit bus. It is important that we get on the right bus. We need to listen carefully for the approaching bus and then check that it is bus 21. We know the route well already so we recognize the landmarks that tell us that we are approaching our destination of Holiday Bowl. Everyone wants to be the first one to let the driver know we need to get off. It is great to be able to practise our orientation and mobility skills out in the community.

Once we have our bowling shoes and organized who is on each team it is time to get started. We love being able to check the scores with our monocular or keep track who has a turn next. Some of us even have some money so we can independently go buy a snack.

Most of us are still smiling by the end of the day, but we are feeling rather tired. We learned a lot and definitely had to practise a lot of skills. It will be great to see each other again next month.


Submitted by Nellie Van Klei, Educational Consultant for the Visually Impaired, REACH