Out and About in Medicine Hat

What do tiny neat stitches, buttons and triangles have in common? Ask a group of students who recently were at L'Esplanade.

After spending time in the gallery, the students learned that tiny stitches, buttons and triangles are all part of quilting. Students had the opportunity to try stitch a row of tiny stitches, manipulate triangles to represent a quilt pattern, and make their own quilt square with buttons. All of the students enjoyed their time at L'Esplanade since they had a hands-on experience with a part of history.

Lunch time brought another new experience. First we walked to a local fast food restaurant. We had the opportunity to practise and learn more orientation and mobility skills. In the restaurant we were expected to read the menu board and place the order independently. For some of us this was a bit of a challenge, but it felt great to accomplish the task. After lunch we needed to get to the bowling lanes. It was too far to walk so we had to rely on the Medicine Hat transit system. Wow, there are a lot of step involved to get to our destination. Money or a ticket, asking for a transfer ticket, finding the right bus at the transfer area, then watching very carefully for the landmarks around our destination, and finally letting the driver know we want to get off. We will need a few more opportunities to practise this.
Bowling is always exciting especially when the students challenge the adults to see who could get the highest score. The students used their monoculars to keep track of the scores. The outcome isn't hard to guess. The students won!

The students enjoyed the day and look forward to the future programs.

Submitted by Nellie Van Klei, Educational Consultant for the Visually Impaired, REACH