Travelling Low Vision Clinic


Benefits of the TLVC:
  • Enhanced access to print and other learning materials through the use of optical devices and assistive technology.
  • Increased reading performance rates with optical devices.
  • Comprehensive Low Vision Evaluation in rural communities in which students get to trial equipment and leave with devices in hand.
  • Assessment takes place in a typical learning environment as to better assess visual function.
  • Collaborative, family-centered, and functional approach to low vision evaluation.
  • Holistic approach to student programming.

The following are comments received from parents and members of the learning team:

"Bringing the clinic information and low vision aids together was really helpful." - Parent

"My son can see things with the low vision aids provided by the clinic that he could never see before." - Parent

“He is becoming more confident in his mobility as well as his ability to retrieve information with his magnifier” – Parent
“With his teachers in attendance they were able to better understand the role of the clinic, what resources are available to them and my son. They also acquired a better understanding of what he could really see. It is also nice to see all the professionals in one place in one day rather than run around to see specialist over several days in several places.” – Parent
"These types of opportunities are very beneficial to really understand what is going on. I thank you for this opportunity , I gained some very valuable information and will have this experience to draw from if I have another student with low vision”. - Teacher