Travelling Low Vision Clinic

Information for the Learning Team

Who should I refer to the clinic?
  • Students who are visually impaired that would benefit from a comprehensive low vision assessment as well as strategies to better access print media. Typically, these are students who are using print as their primary learning media.
  • For Southern Alberta: students who have not been seen in the Sight Enhancement Clinic in the past two years.
What is the role of the teacher for the visually impaired in supporting the Travelling Low Vision Clinic?
  • To discuss the TLVC referral with the learning team.
  • To provide follow-up with the learning team to ensure that all required documentation is completed and submitted prior to deadlines.
  • To attend the clinic as part of the student's learning team.
  • To provide information pertaining to the student's reading skills i.e. reading level, reading speed, etc.
  • To provide follow-up with the student and the learning team pertaining to the use of the low vision aids.
  • To provide support and training in the use of the low vision aids provided.
What is the role of the learning team in supporting the Travelling Low Vision Clinic?

It is the prerogative of the school to decide and identify the individuals who will attend the TLVC with a student.  The learning team is a valuable and crucial participant in the process of the TLVC as they provide insight into the student's educational needs and abilities.  Additionally, it is important that the student’s learning team provides the necessary follow-up and educational adjustments based on recommendations from the TLVC.