The Military Police Fund for Blind Children


  1. Official quotes are quotes produced/compiled by Service Providers and/or Dealers only. 
  2. Each and every one of the official quotes provided for computer equipment must pertain to the same items (brand, model, etc) sought for.  
  3. Quotes for therapeutic services must include the number of hours, hourly rate and start/end date of when the classes/sessions will take place.  
  4. Funding will not be provided for an item(s) and/or service(s) that has already been purchased or benefited for. 
  5. The MPFBC does not fund warranties, extended warranties or service maintenance agreements or long term program such as two years or more.
  6. The MPFBC committee meetings normally occur four times a year (usually, March, June, September and December).  Forwarding applications ahead of time is recommended. 
  7. Applications will not be considered from applicants who have not previously received this Application Package directly from the local MPFBC Representative.  This measure is in place to avoid the exchange/distribution of outdated “application packages”.  It is suggested that the MPFBC Representative’s contact information be forwarded as opposed to the MPFBC Application Package itself. 

Websites that may assist you in obtaining price quotes for computer equipment:

Questions or queries should be addresses to:

Corporal Brad Wallman
Local MPFBC Representative
Military Police Section
CFB Esquimalt
Victoria, BC
V9A 7N2

Phone: 250-363-4316
Fax: 250-363-4037

Please read all the information fully, attached is the new Annex D Submission form, and as you can see it is user friendly.

Further, it would be more beneficial to email your submission to me as this will assist me in forwarding it to Ottawa.