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Family Supports for Children with Disabilities

The Family Supports for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) program is provided by the Alberta Government and was developed to provide “a range of supports and services for children with disabilities and their families.”  FSCD programs are administered regionally by 10 Child and Family Service Authorities (CFSAs).  Based on eligibility criteria, support services may include:

Family Support Services
These services are primarily based on the family’s needs in caring for their child with a disability and may include assistance with some of the costs associated with: 

  • medical appointments or hospitalization both in and out of province, including transportation, parking, meals, accommodation and sibling care, 
  • individual and family counselling, 
  • extraordinary disability related clothing and footwear, and 
  • respite services for up to 240 hours annually 

Child-Focused Services

Children who are significantly limited in their activities of daily living due to their disability may receive child focused services.  Services are determine based on the  impact of the child’s disability on their activities of daily living, the needs identified by the parent/guardian, as well as assessment information from professionals who work with the child.  Services may include:  

  • additional respite services, including short-term hourly respite, 24-hour in- or out-of-home respite, homemaking support and domestic child care; 
  • assistance with child care to support a family with extraordinary work related child care costs, including an aide in day care or additional space in a day home as well as day care where required to support the child’s development; 
  • aide support to assist the child with personal care, community involvement or behavioural and developmental support. 
  • health-related services, including dental or orthodontic treatment, disability-related prescription drugs, ambulance service, prescription formula or special diet and medical supplies that are not covered under any other health plan; 
  • specialized services for children with severe disabilities; and 
  • out-of-home living arrangements, if necessary, to support a child when all other alternatives for in-home supports have been explored. (Note: the parent/guardian maintains all guardianship responsibilities)

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