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Early Mathematics Literacy for Pre-Schoolers who are Blind or Visually Impaired
This resources was developed as part of a Student's with Vision Loss Initiative project by Janis Morrison (REACH), Susan Guilault (ERECS) and Bev Kula (U of A).  The attached manual, broken into 7 parts, is available to anyone for download.  The associated learning kits are available for Alberta schools through contact with the local Vision Resource Centres or your Teacher of Students who are Visually Impaired.

Math Manual Part 1

Math Manual Part 2

Math Manual Part 3

Math Manual Part 4

Math Manual Part 5

Math Manual Part 6

Other Resources

The following are a series of links that will assist in the teaching of mathematics to students with blindness or a visual impairment.

TSBVI Math Resources
The Texas School for the Blind’s math resource page.  This page provides links to other math resources on the TSBVI’s website, including those that pertain to the Nemeth code (the braille code for mathematics).

TSBVI Math Teaching Strategies
Susan Osterhaus of The Texas School for the Blind provides a list of teaching strategies relating specifically to mathematics.  Osterhaus also responds to some commonly asked questions pertaining to challenges that one might face in teaching math to students with visual impairments.

Math Flash
A math resource from the American Printing House for the Blind, Math Flash is a software program designed for younger students, aged 6 and up.  This software allows the user to engage in drills, quizzes and games using both visual and audio cues.  The software retails for $24.00 U.S.

The abacus can serve as a useful tool for the math student who is blind or visually impaired.  This device essentially functions as a ‘pencil and paper’, allowing the student to quickly manipulate the beads to complete calculations.  

The following links are video files from the University of Massachusetts.  The speaker in the video provides an orientation and general overview of the abacus, as well as step-by-step explanations for solving both addition and subtraction equations.