Adapting Program of Studies

Physical Education

This series of links will assist teachers when planning a physical education program to fully involve the learner who is blind or visually impaired.

TSBVI’s Phys Ed Resource Page
This page, by the Texas School for the Blind, provides a listing of various resources for adapting Physical Education.

PE Central
This is a general resource site for Physical Education teachers.  Included within this site is information on adapted Physical Education.  The information provided pertains to physical disabilities in general, and is therefore not exclusive to adapting for a student with a visual impairment.

Adapted Physical Education for the Blind and Visually Impaired
This article, by Kathy Letcher of the Overbrook School for the Blind, contains a detailed list of both general and specific teaching strategies and modifications for Physical Education activities.

Some Thoughts About Physical Education
This article, written by John Ross of the National Federation for the Blind, offers insight into the author’s Physical Education experiences as a student with a visual impairment.  An additional article, listing simple tips for Physical Education teachers who are teaching blind or visually impaired students, is included as well.

Teaching Strategies and Modifications for Physical Education and Recreation
In this article, the author, Angelo Montagnino of the National Federation for the Blind, provides strategies for teaching Physical Education to students who are blind or visually impaired.  Montagnino also offers suggestions for modifying a number of Physical Education games and activities.

Physical Education, Recreation and Games for Students with a Visual Impairment
This page provides a list of general considerations for working with a student with a visual impairment, as well as suggestions for modifying specific games and activities.

Adapted Yoga Mats for the Visually Impaired
This site by Rousettus, sells a specialized yoga mat that has been adapted for blind and visually impaired users.  The mat has raised circles embedded in it to assist the user in finding the necessary hand/food positions for a variety of yogic postures.