Adapting Program of Studies

Social Studies

In this series of links strategies are provided that will bring social studies to life for learners with blindness or a visual impairment.

Instructional Strategies for Teaching Geography and Social Studies
The Perkins School for the Blind’s social studies and geography resource page.  This page contains a listing of other on-line resources for teaching these subjects, as well as links to additional resource pages for tactile graphics, tactile maps and teaching map skills.

Teaching Strategies from a TVI
This article, written by a Teacher for Students with Visual Impairments, discusses instructional strategies that are specific to geography.

Government of Canada GeoGratis Site

The Tactile Maps of Canada collection is intended to provide Canadians with visual impairments a foundation for improving knowledge about space, the environment and geography, and an enhanced quality of life through greater independence gained from increased mobility.  Tactile maps are designed with Braille, large text, and raised features for visually impaired and low vision users.

The Tactile Maps of Canada collection includes:

(a) Maps for Education: tactile maps showing the general geography of Canada, including the Tactile Atlas of Canada (maps of the provinces and territories showing political boundaries, lakes, rivers and major cities), and the Thematic Tactile Atlas of Canada (maps showing climatic regions, relief, forest types, physiographic regions, rock types, soil types, and vegetation).

(b) Maps for Mobility: to help visually impaired persons navigate spaces and routes in major cities by providing information about streets, buildings and other features of a travel route in the downtown area of a city.

(c) Maps for Transportation and Tourism: to assist visually impaired persons in planning travel to new destinations in Canada, showing how to get to a city, and streets in the downtown area.

Activate the title link to GeoGratis to find the tactile map you may be looking for.