Expanded Core Curriculum


As a result of both their circumstances and their environment, many students who are blind or visually impaired may have developed tendencies to rely on others for many tasks that they could feasibly complete on their own.  In other words, they may have developed habits that create a situation of learned helplessness.  Self-determination, the newest addition to the Expanded Core Curriculum, is an area that attempts to address this issue, through the direct instruction of self-advocacy skills. 

Helpful Links 

University of North Carolina Resources
Self-determination synthesis project website by the University of North Carolina.  The purpose of this project is “…a review and synthesis of the knowledge base and best practices related to self-determination (SD) and self-advocacy (SA) interventions in order to improve, expand, and accelerate the use of this knowledge by the professionals who serve children and youth with disabilities and the parents who rear, educate, and support their children with disabilities.” (Accessed on January 12, 2008)

An informative article about self-determination written by Bremer, Kachgal, & Schoeller and found in the Publication of the National Center on Secondary Education and Transition.